Diego Guzman, Composer


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My approach to classical music:

I started my journey as a musician by studying for many years to be a pianist, so that remains my main instrument even though I don't perform anymore, ever since I decided I wanted to become a composer. I use the piano as my means to write music than I then orchestrate for full orchestra or chamber ensembles.

As a film composer, I have to be very flexible and be able to create music in whatever style is needed, but I am always predisposed towards projects where I can use traditional instruments and ensembles in favor of some of today's more electronic-oriented scores.

I have not written much music for the concert stage yet, but I have recently realized that a lot of the music that I have written for film projects can very well be arranged into concert pieces, so I would be very interested in trying to do that.


Diego Guzmán is a composer born and raised in Guatemala, who specialices in writing music for visual media such as film, television, trailers, videogames and commercials. Diego has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (Del Valle University of Guatemala) and a Master’s Degree from Pulse College in association with the Dublin Institute of Technology. Diego is currently based in Guatemala, but has also lived in both Ireland and the United States.

Internet: guzmanmusic.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Gurunexx