Danny Rayel, Composer, Multi-instrumentalist and Pianist


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My approach to classical music:

Music for me is a way of expressing feelings, emotions and life experiences. It can enhance and extract memories from the past, happy or sad, and bring them again to my mind. Rather than what I feel about music, music makes me feel. From a very young age I was introduced to music and since then I am inspired, connected, moved and provoked by it. It reflects something profound about who I am and my experience with the world. Music is necessary in life and for most people it can be an incredibly effective way and weapon to face daily circumstances, Whether it be an end of a relationship, loneliness, sadness or confusion, Music always helps.


I am independent pianist and music composer who mainly writes instrumental music for films,TV, theatre, commercials, video games and many other media. Currently, My main genres of interest are emotional, epic, ambient, dark and fantasy music as well as Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

My musical background combines sounds from the Baroque, the Classical and the Romantic era together with more specialised sounds relating to Celtic, Folk, Medieval and Gothic. At the same time I am a competent user of modern music audio software and motion graphics applications for creating visual effects to my projects.