Alexandre Manhães, Composer

BrasilRio de Janeiro

Alexandre Manhães.

My approach to classical music:

Music expresses what cannot be expressed by words or images.


Alexandre Manhães was born on February 21st 1969 on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He began to study piano at the Escola de Música Villa-Lobos ( Villa-Lobos School of Music ) , with the pianist Ana Maria Vivanco, in his hometown. Later he entered the Escola de Música da UFRJ ( School of Music of the Rio de Janeiro Federal University ) where he received his degree of Licentiateship in Musical Education. He worked as teacher of Musical Education in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He teaches piano and guitar in private classes. His compositions are mainly dedicated to piano solo but he has also written solo pieces for other instruments and also for orchestral, vocal and string ensembles. As the field of orchestration has an immense appeal for him he likes very much to orchestrate his works for piano