Abraham Tena Manrique

Pianist and Composer




After accomplishing during his years in the Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceo de Barcelona a bright studies supervised by professor Mª Antonia Casas Botellé and having held several solo concerts, Abraham set out on his first travel to New York, of the several ones that would follow between 1999 and 2002, with the main goal of being able to work with great masters and pianists as Herbert Stessin, John Bloomfield, Peter Basquin, Julie Jordan… Encounters and journeys that provided him not only the opportunity to keep growing as a performer and composer but also the obtaining of several recommendation letters in which his great potential and music intelligence are remarked.Currently, Abraham combines his facet as a composer with his other as a solo pianist and the one as a pianist in the Dúo Tena Manrique; duo composed together with her sister that has allowed him to offer more than a thousand concerts in numerous cities of Spain and with which he traces, in each of his performances, a tour through the repertoire of the great classics, still releasing some of his own work for piano solo and four hands piano.Among his programmed repertoires stands out, for its originality, the philosophic-musical project developed together with the professor in philosophy Gregorio Luri, which is based in Nietzsche and his music. A project with which he has visited several stages in Barcelona and Soria and for which Abraham composed “Parafraseando a Nietzsche” Op. 21, an intimal work immersed under the influence of the Nietzschenian world, released in the auditorium of the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB).Even the concert catalog of Abraham includes some of his works, he absolutely does not forget about the great names of the history of classical music: Beethoven, Schumann, Mozart, among others, and are a part of the base on which his pianistic and composition art are built, the one that Abraham has been forging and has received the critical acclaim of the press, principally from the Heraldo de Aragón, the Diario de Aragón and La Vanguardia.After years of study and work, it is from 2014 that pianists around the world show interest in his compositions at the moment of creating their own repertoires, counting with them at the moment of programming future concerts. Among them the young international pianist Patricia García Gil, who released the 7 fantasies “El camino del Peregrino” past May 24th of 2014, Jenna Sung, Kiev Portella, Caroline Flud-Mozingo, Henrique Roberto Simoes, Miguel Baselga among others.Furthermore, several are the conservatories which count in their libraries and among their syllabus with his volumes already edited, being part with that of the study programs; among them stand out the ones from Madrid, Castellón, Santiago de Compostela, Conservatorio Joao Baptista Juliao (Brasil), South Carolina (US), etc.Similarly, Kiev Portella, professor at the Conservatori de Tarragona and founding member of the Fundació Mompou, together with Roser Carceller will release soon hiss 3 Fantasiestücke Op. 28 for clarinet and piano.By the beginning of 2016, during next season, it will be released by the soloists from the Orquestra Nacional de España (OCNE) in the Auditorio Nacional de Madrid the octet that Abraham composed, under order of Sergio Espejo, pianist at the OCNE, and which has as a title Séneca Op. 30.Currently, the prestigious Editorial Boileau is already working with the string quartet “Don Quijote” Op. 22 and its rewriting in Trio Piano to publish it soon. Publication that would be added at the one which already appeared in 2013 in the editorial Beethoven Publicacions: two volumes with part of his works, one of them with the pieces for solo piano and the other with the works for four hands piano, a lot of them performed in numerous concerts held during those last years. “It is also important to remark the piece of work written by Abraham, one of the performers that resulted in a romantic style piece of good taste”“The performers, very precise in the execution and capable of making the audience vibe with their repertoire of huge contrasts and a rich variety of shades. The large audience enjoyed the program.”“Probably the most interesting thing of the concert arrived at the end, with the release of Fantasía para piano nº 1 en Do M by Abraham Tena Manrique, composer and performer in a piece of work pretty complete, with characteristics at the level of romantic composers, as Chopin, or post romantics. “